We focus on being the "best"
in the sectors in which we operate

With 15 companies, 2 of which are publicly traded, 12 facilities, more than 1,000 employees and new investments, we strive to be the best in every sector in which we operate.

With the strength of our employees, we are taking strong steps forward to achieve even more.







We have grown and developed rapidly in


Years with
our growth-oriented
sustainable business model

We continue to grow with our agile organizational structure, growth-oriented sustainable business model, professional employees who rapidly embrace change and transformation, and investors who trust ODAŞ's vision.

With our facilities in 12 different locations and international investments, we support the economy, add value to society and empower tomorrow.

With a long-term strategic perspective, we attach great importance to our continuous research and development in new areas, new services and products. We make our sustainable growth strategy effective through the solidity of our financial structure, the satisfaction of our employees and all our stakeholders, the use of technological opportunities and our investments in social areas.