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We are working to support the transformation of the inevitable
changes that will add value to our lives.


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As one of the leading company groups in the energy and mining sectors, we derive our strength and energy from our commitment to our business. Our journey started in 2010 with energy production, and today we continue to be one of the pioneers of the sector with 15 companies and more than a thousand employees.

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We produce with our growth-oriented
sustainable business model!
Striving to be much more than just an energy and mining company. Since the day we were founded, we have been developing rapidly with our endless energy and continue to grow with new investments!


We produce with domestic lignite coal in our Çan2 Thermal Power Plant with a capacity of 340 MWm, the installation of which we have completed in a short period such as three years. With this feature and with its Environmental Permit and Licence Certificate, Çan2 Thermal Power Plant is one of the few power plants in the private sector in Turkey. In addition, with our know-how and strong capital structure in the field of energy, we made our first investment in the international arena by realising a 174MW natural gas combined cycle power plant in Uzbekistan.

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With more than 10 years of experience in energy and mining operations, we produce with world-class quality and service understanding with mining operations in various parts of Turkey. Within the scope of mining activities, we have mining fields and enterprises with antimony, gold, silver, nickel and coal reserves.

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Our Energy
is for the Future

We act with an awareness of environmental and social responsibility in the energy and mining sector in which we operate. We respect social and environmental life by focusing on the future.


Our most important strength is our employees.

The most important force supporting our sustainable success is our expert employees. We support the continuous development of our colleagues with our dynamic, agile and responsive structure and develop programs where they can reveal their talents and potential.